Installing Selenium IDE


Selenium IDE is a Firefox plug-in that allows users to easily create Selenium test cases. At the heart of Selenium IDE is a context-driven menu, which provides access to the HTML elements that are available on each Web page. Selenium IDE also provides the list of available Selenium commands based on the context of the selected HTML element. This context-driven menu details the appropriate HTML element, and its supported Selenium commands. The Selenium IDE is a wonderful way to learn Selenium commands.

Installing Selenium IDE (Step by Step)

  1. Open Firefox (only works in FireFox), then go to the SeleniumHQ downloads page to download the Selenium IDE. Find the Selenium IDE section on the download page, and download the latest version.

    SeleniumIDE Installation

  2. Once you click on the download link, Firefox will attempt to protect you from installing plugins from unfamiliar Web sites. Click Allow to proceed with the installation process.

    Selenium IDE Verify

  3. Click on Install after the file has been downloaded.

    Selenium IDE Verify

  4. Select Install again, if prompted.

  5. Click on Restart Firefox. Once Firefox restarts, the Selenium IDE icon button will appear in the Main Menu Toolbar.

    Selenium IDE Complete

  6. The installation is complete.