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In 1996, I started my professional software development career as a test automation engineer. I was responsible for developing automated tests with Rational Robot. At the time, I did not have a testing background. I learned everything on the job. Luckily, I had a supportive manager, and a development team who were desperate for any type of testing support. I did have a decent amount of programming experience with Visual Basic, which was very helpful with learning Rational Robot's SQABasic language.

Rational Robot GUI IDE

Rational Robot

Without my programming background, I would have been completely lost. I often think about about my early days as a test automation engineer, and I realize how fortunate I was to have such a wonderful first job opportunity. In retrospect, three important factors helped me to learn test automation and proper testing techniques:

  1. Great manager who acted as a mentor
  2. Programming background
  3. Supportive team

Our team-first culture produced a natural learning-by-doing environment. My manager had an innate ability for teaching and helping others learn. His desire to help others succeed was vital to the overall success of the company, and the products we delivered.

Over the course of my career, I have observed fewer companies emphasizing the need for a collegial work environment to improve software testing skills, and this is why I created Webtesting.io. I have always felt educational options were limited in the field of software testing. One of the primary goals of Webtesting.io is to offer educational opportunities and practical solutions to help anyone learn professional software testing skills.

Educational Opportunities and Beyond

Webtesting.io is excited to offer educational opportunities, and automated test solutions to help those who are interested in becoming a successful QA test professional with an emphasis in test automation, whether you have a programming background or not. The software testing industry is filled with many experienced, in-house testers who understand the core tenants of testing, and understand their company's software solutions inside and out, but cannot advance their careers due to their lack of programming experience required for existing test automation tools. Our company's mission is to solve this industry-wide problem.

There is another issue we eager to solve. Many companies perform only manual tests, however, without test automation it is not possible to adequately support agile development projects. Agile development methodologies require automated, continuous testing solutions to properly scale, and to meet the expectations of agile development teams. We want to help these companies who are struggling with implementing automated test solutions for both waterfall and agile projects.

The Solution

At the core of the Webtesting.io's technology is a data-driven test automation platform that combines the power of Microsoft Excel with the power of the leading automated test frameworks including Selenium, Appium and PhantomJS. Webtesting.io was created to enable software development teams to implement scalable automated test solutions into their software projects. Webtesting.io supports many different types of automated testing including functional testing, performance testing, datadriven testing, regression testing, Web UI testing, API testing, and manual testing. With Webtesting.io, QA professionals may quickly create different types of automated tests without any coding. Test scripts may be recorded using the Selenium IDE for Firefox, and executed against all major browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Selenium IDE Compatible Test Automation and Management - supports cross-browser testing

Selenium IDE Compatible Test Automation and Management

As the creator of Webtesting.io, I am hopeful you will allow us to become your trusted partner in software testing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at mraygoza@webtesting.io.

- Marc Raygoza, Creator of Webtesting.io